Island Life

Tumbatu Island Tour

Tumbatu island is a dagger wedge-shaped and the third-largest island lying Northwest of Unguja Island, together making up Zanzibar, part of Tanzania in East Africa.

There are two common villages namely, Jongowe and Kichangani. Both have an estimated 20,000 number of people living in and are surrounded by reef rocks and corals that make it somewhat isolated from the rest of Zanzibar.

The inhabitants of Tumbatu island on the North-East coast of Zanzibar live an isolated life and the island is powered entirely by solar panels, allowing them to be independent. Everyone who is not from Tumbatu, even people from Zanzibar, needs a written permit by the village elder to enter the island.

While exploring the beauty of this island, you will have the opportunity to visit and discover the tradition and cultural activities of the people's experience.