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The Honeymoon Destination

The couple celebration is our specialty. Ycona is the perfect fit for honeymooners and romantic couples. 

The modern and stylish Ycona Luxury Resort design is simply ideal for any honeymooner. The glamorous Honeymoon Beach Front Villa is available with direct beach access, a private pool with an immersed dining table and a panoramic rooftop jacuzzi, to record your best memories. The Honeymoon Beach Front Villa is very spacious, modern and developed over a large, colourful tropical garden, with all comforts and unique day and night privacy, thanks to the luxuriant vegetation, palm and fruit trees.

Celebrate your love in the fine dining hearth shaped restaurant, and enjoy a private signature breakfast on our spectacular, natural sand banks. 

Private massages, events, excursions and dinners will be just one call away.  

Luxury safari in-land can then be organised as a honeymoon package, combining the beauty of Ycona's white beaches with the most beautiful safari on Earth, the Tanzanian one.

Enjoy one of the most exclusive honeymoon locations in the whole East Africa and capture the most beautiful moments with the help of our drone moviemaker.