Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphins at Kizimkazi

Kizimkazi Mkunguni, also known as Kizimkazi Mtendeni - is a fishing village on the southern coast of Zanzibar, and was once a walled city.
It is situated three miles southeast of the Kizimkazi Mosque (which is located in Kizimkazi Dimbani, commonly known just as Dimbani).

In recent years, Kizimkazi has become a major tourist attraction, as daily boat tours are organized to bring visitors off shore to watch bottlenose dolphins (most common) and the Indo-Pacific humpback species and swim with them.

The boats, skillfully operated by the fishermen, are the best way to come close to these magnificent mammals, without disturbing them.

While dolphins can potentially be found anywhere around the island, they are especially active in Kizimkazi. You can observe dolphins from the boat, however, you should not miss this unique experience of swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment.