Villages of Zanzibar

Villages of Zanzibar

Get a glimpse of daily life in a series of Swahili-speaking communities.

Jambiani is just one example of an authentic village. It is also one of the best beaches on Zanzibar, paradise for windsurfers. 

The village is vivid and the local life is on display. Women sitting on the benches embroidering the hats frequently worn by Zanzibari men. Men playing the traditional game bao, hooraying and laughing out loud. Children playing and running around surrounded by goats, ducks and chickens.

There are some really local restaurants serving the villagers. Standard menu is rice and beans, chapati (Indian bread) and tea, a variation of katchori and katlese (mashed potatoes balls in various sizes and flavours) and every day, every where: skewer with fried potatoes.

Another good thing about Jambiani is that it has a great location to reach some of the best excursions on the island.