Ycona CO2 Footprint Calculator

CO2 Footprint Calculator

Dear Guest,

Ycona cares about the carbon footprint of the resort and of its guests and actively promotes circular economy practicesBy choosing an eco-sustainable accommodation for your holiday, you contribute to reducing your CO2 emissions and respect the planet. 

But exactly how much CO2 can we avoid? Why is it so important to reduce CO2 emssions or maximize its storage in the vegetation and in the soil? 

Along with methane and nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect, which in turn leads to climate change and disastrous consequences for our beloved planet.

In Ycona's development, we implemented energy efficiency solutions, adopting sustainable material with lower CO2 footprint and gradually expanding the renewable energy generation source. This allowed us already from day one to save up to 500,000 Kg of C02 emission per year, of which, so far about 300,000 Kg just by the partial adoption of solar panels, 100,000 kg with solar thermal solutions, and additional 100,000 kg with other practices (class A appliances, high efficiency bulbs, rain water utilisation, partial waste management, recycled plastic material, forestry preservation). Our ambition is to achieve a fully renewable hotel solutions over the next few years and achieve a further cut of C02 emissions of an additional 500,000 Kg C02 / year, so as to reach 1 million Kg C02 / year, equivalent to planting over 45,000 trees!

Ycona understands the importance of the soil and its great capability to store CO2, if a proper level of vegetation is maintained. 

Play with the the following energy saving and CO2 calculators online, and see how to improve your eco-sustainable habits!

Interesting web sources to help calculate your C02 footprint:






Now, you know, with a more eco-sustainable approach you can help the planet to cut emissions!

Don’t cut trees, save energy and water when you can, eat healthier food, respect the soil, prefer eco-products and practice circular economy with us for a better world.